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Best Obesity Doctor in Chennai vadapalani

Best Obesity Doctor in Chennai Vadapalani

obesity doctors in chennai

Are you gaining body fat? Are you in trauma due to your swelling body? No need to be in stress anymore because Thyroid and endocrine clinic provides best obesity doctor in Chennai to help you in diminishing your body fat. They convey you such treatment that will make you experience


Obesity is precisely defined as a medical condition that occurs when a person carries excess weight or body fat that might affect the health of a particular individual.


The doctors who usually treat on the obesity and its allied illness and inform the report of individual health related to the obesity. They help the individual in lessening their body fat and accomplish a healthy body growth.


There are diverse ranges of causes of obesity which expand our body growth, some of them are listed below:-

  • Consuming too many calories- when an individual consumes more calories than they use as energy then it will lead to excess weight and obesity. Foods that tend to obesity are fast foods, fried foods, and many dairy products, food containing hidden sugars, sweetened juices, sodas, alcoholic drinks, breads and bagels.
  • leading a sedentary life- this cause includes working in an office without doing manual labor, playing games in a computer instead of doing physical activities
  • Not sleeping enough- deficiency in sleep also helps you in gaining more weight.
  • Endocrine disruptors- it includes the illness allied due to endocrine gland and metabolism abnormalities.


Thyroid and endocrine clinic are the leading obesity specialty clinic sited ay chennai. Our proficient as well as skilled doctor for obesity in Chennai provides amplifying treatment to reduce your body figure. Some of our healing treatments are thyroid disease management, osteoporosis management, hormonal evaluation, hypo/hyper thyroidism treatment, Diabetes treatment, endocrinology treatment of children, thyroid nodule. If you are gawking for skilled thyroid doctors then straightaway visit us.

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