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Thyroid And Endocrine Clinic evaluates and monitors children from infancy through adolescence who have endocrine diseases associated with over-secretion or under-secretion of the major hormones. These endocrine diseases include hyper and hypo thyroidism or growth hormone deficiency, or defective responses in these organs and tissues that are sensitive to these hormones. We also perform stimulation testing to identify endocrine diseases.

Patients are seen by a team of pediatric endocrinologists and pediatric nurse practitioners. Once patients are seen, letters are sent to referring physicians that detail recommendations, a plan of care and educational opportunities. This helps to develop cooperative working arrangements with private physicians.

There are a total of eight important hormone producing glands, constituting the endocrine system in the body. The hormones so produced, act as chemical messengers traveling through the blood stream and finally reaching the vital organs and tissues. These hormones act slowly, producing the necessary functional abilities required for normal health. The hormone secretions from the endocrine glands variously affect our growth and development parameters; ensuring metabolism related to digestion, elimination, breathing, blood circulation and body temperature. Additionally, the specific endocrine hormones are also essential for our healthy mood, sexual and reproductive functions.

Due to several medical and other extraneous causes, the endocrine glands may over produce or under produce the hormones leading to specific dysfunctions in the body. For example, a common endocrine disorder/disease is diabetes that is widespread in the present century among adults and children.

Patients, suffering from any endocrine disorders or diseases in Tamil Nadu can contact or visit the Thyroid & Endocrine Clinic situated at Vadapalani of Chennai for an objective evaluation and for a course of treatment directly supervised by the best endocrinology in Chennai. The specialty Clinic has been treating patients from all over Tamil Nadu since 2010 and is adequately equipped with the most modern and sophisticated medical and clinical tools and technologies for accurate diagnoses and treatment, including surgical procedure. The Chennai Thyroid & Endocrine Clinic is a center of excellence and a pioneer in the treatment and management of various types of disorders or diseases of the endocrine system in the state. The super specialty medical center receives complex and critical cases of endocrine diseases or disorders from other hospitals, clinics and doctors, as referrals, too.

When there is a need for a complete and exhaustive examination and high end clinical evaluation of the endocrine problems, the patients can find the best and experienced endocrinology in Chennai for consultation at the Thyroid & Endocrine Clinic.

The medical services offered and the super specialty consultation dispensed by the best endocrinology in Chennai at the Clinic is affordable. The endocrine patients find the Thyroid & Endocrine Clinic most reliable, patient friendly and of high professional standard, expected of a good and reputed clinic or hospital

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